Activating The Scalp For Fuller, Thicker, More Manageable Hair … Without Toxic Ingredients.

Your Hair Will Thank You

LifeVantage TrueScience® Hair Care System Has Been Thoroughly 3rd Party Tested: Receiving The ThinkDirty App Ratings of 0 & 1.

Nrf2 Haircare
Nrf2 Haircare
Nrf2 Haircare

Bottom Line: Clinical Results In a Clean + Non-toxic Formula You Can Trust for the Whole Family

TrueScience® Hair Care System

Nrf2 Haircare

Support a healthy scalp, cleanse without harsh chemicals, deeply condition, and protect your hair with Nrf2 ingredients for beautiful, healthy-looking hair.

  • Protects hair against the effects of oxidative stress with Nrf2 technology
  • Strengthens each hair strand and protects hair against environmental assaults
  • Maintains a normal balance of scalp microflora and nourishes your scalp to support normal hair growth
  • Reduces frizz and split ends and improves shine and body for healthier-looking hair
  • Cleans, conditions, hydrates, and nourishes your hair without harsh ingredients

Real People. Real Results.

I have more volume than I have ever had in my life. It’s not frizzy and it looks good.
When I started taking Protandim Nrf2, after about 10 months, I noticed that my hair was not falling out as much. Then I added the True Science Hair Care to my regime. Now, my hair grows more quickly, is much easier to handle and style and hardly falls out at all. My hairdresser even commented on how much thicker my hair has gotten. I am one happy camper!!
I have never had any volume in my hair, a stressful divorce meant my skin reacted with psoriasis…. All clear now and for the first time In my life I have ridiculous volume (I gave fine hair) and the horrific stress patch has gone.
My itchy flaky scabby scalp is no more! And my hair is not as greasy! I’m obsessed with the scalp serum plus it’s great on acne.
I was stuck in the hair extension trap for 6+ years. Spending THOUSANDS a year on fake hair. For the first time in my adult life I’ve been able to grow my hair down to the middle of my back. It’s thick, shiny and not damaged! #OperationRapunzel
Have been using this since August and let me just say that I don’t think I will EVER use another hair care line!

Real People. Real Results.

True Science ​Haircare FAQ

Are these products suitable for all hair types?
Yes, they work on any head of hair.
Yes, and it smells great. The line fragrance comes of essential oils using peppermint and a hint of thyme.
Go for it, these products are safe to used on processed hair and the sulfate/paraben free formulation is great if you wear hair extensions. Therefore moving beyond NAD and into the real goal–sirtuin activity.
This all depends on your hair, scalp and activity. While some people with finer, straighter hair may benefit from washing every other day or every third… curly-haired folks can often go a little longer. To get the full effects of the PH-balancing, scalp rejuvenation, we recommend using the scalp serum morning and night. Therefore moving beyond NAD and into the real goal–sirtuin activity.
Follow these steps for the best results. Step 1. In the shower, add a generous of Shampoo in your hands and work into a lather. This will emulsify the product. Step 2. With the lathered shampoo in your hands, focus on the roots and give your scalp a good massage. Really working the product into the scalp and detoxing/cleansing the scalp of all impurities and oil. Step 3. Shampoo AGAIN for the second time. Ya know, lather, rinse, repeat. There’s something to it 🙂 The second shampoo will act more as a treatment. Penetrating the scalp with the NRF2 ingredients. Rinse after a minute or two. Step 4. Add at least a quarter-sized amount of Conditioner to your palm and focus majority of it on the midshaft of the hair and ends. Avoiding the scalp if you have an oil scalp, but if your scalp is dry and irritating, add a small amount of conditioner on the scalp as well. Rinse after a few minutes. Step 5. After exiting the shower and gently towel drying the hair (we recommend a microfiber towel or TurbyTwist hair towel), section the hair every 1″ or so adding 5-10 drops of serum on the part line. Repeat every inch down each side of the head and in the back/on the nape. Massage the scalp serum in. Step 6. Style as usual. Therefore moving beyond NAD and into the real goal–sirtuin activity.